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Hospice, Love Story

Hospice: A Love Story

Hospice: A Love Story (14 mins) presents two sisters who appear so close during their mother’s dying days but have vastly differing perceptions of the actual death.
Themes: Death and all its complications – relationship, physical, spiritual.

Death Doctor

Death, Doctor

Originally commissioned for Virginia Mason Hospital
Death, Doctor (10 mins) presents medical doctors in various scenarios from residency to middle age and their association with death.
Themes: The ebb and flow of compassion in the life of a medical provider and its implications for the practice.

Honoring Choices

Originally commissioned for Honoring Choices PNW
Honoring Choices (17 mins) presents a dying elderly father and his adult daughters who, along with his own doctor, encourage him to prepare his end-of-life plan But he is not having any part of it.
Themes: Family dynamics, disagreements and resentments and the difficulty of discussing end of-life wishes on any level with someone who is not yet ready to accept the concept of their own mortality.
This play is available in culturally appropriate formats including English/Spanish language scripts and a script adapted for African-American cast/audiences. (Adapted with COVID references)



Untold (12 mins) presents a young woman with conflicted emotions as she faces giving birth to a stillborn baby. The attending doctor and nurse relive their own stories of child loss – for better or for worse.
Themes: The communication challenges that arise after a stillbirth or child loss and how best to honor a lost child.

Independence Day

Independence Day

by Elizabeth Coplan and Jeffrey Grover
Independence Day (15 mins) features two residents in a family care home, along with their health care worker. One suffers from Early Onset Alzheimer’s, The other from Parkinson’s. We see the residents as their health deteriorates, and witness the challenges of being ready to die and not having planned for it.
Themes: The importance of preparing for end-of-life wishes long before the end-of-life and the impact on those who care for the not-yet-dying.

Dead Giveaway

by Daniel Guyton
Dead Giveaway (10 mins) is a comedy about planning for future. Husband buys a funeral plot to surprise wife for V-day. But, if he dies before her, she’s getting remarried.
Themes: End of Life Planning